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TEFAF Symposium ‘The Exposome and Cancer Prevention’ and Prof. dr. Wild’s inaugural lecture
“Two-way” translational cancer research; an impetus for prevention, early detection and treatment.

March 15, 2018. Aula Maastricht University, Minderbroederberg 4 - 6, Maastricht.
Symposium: 13:30 - 16.00 hrs. Inaugural lecture: 16.30 hrs.

The exposome concept refers to the totality of environmental exposures from preconception onwards, and is a novel approach to studying the role of gene-environment interactions in the development of human disease.
During the symposium it will be discussed how ‘omic’ techniques can be used in life-course epidemiology to better understand the impact of environmental exposures on the development of cancer and other chronic diseases.
Challenges related to analysis of the large and complex data sets generated by these studies as well as the translation of the outcome into cancer prevention strategies will be addressed.

Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO), is appointed as Extraordinary Professor on the TEFAF Oncology Chair 2018.

Obligatory. Please register before 2 March at: www.grow-um.nl/19/form

This TEFAF symposium is the first in a series of tree. Save the date for;
TEFAF Oncology Summit ‘The future of Cancer Management’, 22 June 2018
MECC Maastricht. Programme and registration; www.path.org.uk

TEFAF Masterclass Prof. Dr. Chris Wild, 25 October 2018
programme and location to be announced.