Cyberattack started back in October; Utrecht was secured

MAASTRICHT. The cyberattack on Maastricht University may have only erupted to its full extent on 23 December 2019, the first breach took place more than two months before. This was reported by well-informed sources. Fons Elbersen, interim spokesman for Maastricht University, does not want to comment. “We will give answers to such questions on 5 February, during a special meeting.”

UPDATE PhD candidate remains banned from the lab

UPDATE PhD candidate remains banned from the lab

MAASTRICHT. A PhD candidate from Maastricht research institute Carim who was denied access to the laboratory, will not have her keys returned to her. This was the conclusion of the judge last Tuesday. With this, the court has decided in favour of Maastricht University. The PhD candidate doesn’t need to be there, because she has no supervisor.

FPN wants to spend the money for educational improvements differently

MAASTRICHT. The agreement made by students in the University Council and the Executive Board last year was for more intensive contact hours for all first- and second-year students. The Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences now thinks that they can spend the money in a better way.

University of Calgary: “We’re a public sector organization and pride ourselves on our openness”

University of Calgary: “We’re a public sector organization and pride ourselves on our openness”

The University of Calgary paid a 20,000 Canadian dollar ransom in bitcoins to hackers after a malware attack in May 2016. In contrast to Maastricht University, which was hit before Christmas and is still recovering, the Canadian colleagues admitted almost a week after the attack that they paid the ransom, as well as releasing the amount paid. Why did they publicise it? And what lessons have been learnt? 

Parliamentary debate on UM cyberattack

MAASTRICHT. ​There is soon to be a parliamentary debate on the cyberattack that hit Maastricht University just before Christmas. The exact date is not yet known. On 5 February, the UM itself will “reveal all” during a public meeting in Maastricht. The hack will be subject of discussion during a private meeting of the University Council today, Wednesday 15 January.

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