Allocation of 40 percent of the abolished student grants is still unclear

Allocation of 40 percent of the abolished student grants is still unclear

THE NETHERLANDS. After the abolition of the student grant in 2015, students were promised educational improvements. But will the 2.5 billion euros that is being made available up until 2024 also be spent on that? Research carried out by Folia shows that one in three universities and academic institutions do not as yet have a realistic spending plan in place.

Unemployment among UM graduates drops, but not for all

MAASTRICHT. Things are looking up for graduates of this university: unemployment among them is dropping steadily, although Psychology and especially Law graduates are lagging behind considerably. The latter faculty is surprised at the results.  

Executive Board does not convince SJP students

MAASTRICHT. The Maastricht department of the Students for Justice in Palestine organisation says that they are “extremely disappointed” with the viewpoint and the argumentation given by the Executive Board regarding SJP’s proposed boycott of IT company Hewlett-Packard.

A licence to kill ... and to hug

A licence to kill ... and to hug

MAASTRICHT. The School of Business and Economics now has communities of sixty students, pools in which tutors collaborate and a new set of research themes. The “strategic renewal” will reach into every corner of the faculty – and it is already in full swing.

Eight master's programmes absolutely top notch, one or two below par

MAASTRICHT. Eight Maastricht master's programmes belong to the absolute top ranks in the Netherlands, says the Keuzegids Masters 2017, which was published last week and investigated 42 of the 51 Maastricht master's. One or two UM programmes score below average. Maastricht University as a whole is in second place in the category of ‘general universities’ that consists of nine institutes. The difference with number one - Tilburg - is minimal (6.3 and 6.25).

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