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Website delay

MAASTRICHT. The launch of the new Maastricht University website has been delayed. The site will not go live in December, as Manon Gorissen, head of digital communication, reported a month ago in Observant, but after New Year. No new date has been fixed yet.

The steering committee that is dealing with the project, think that it is “not wise to go live with a site that (…) is not complete,” they stated Thursday, 5 November. This refers in particular to pages containing study programme information that was written, but has not been approved yet. And because Christmas is a very popular time for secondary-school pupils and third-year bachelor’s students to look for information on study programmes, incorrect or incomplete information would only make matters unclear.
According to Gorissen, the problem concerns in particular texts about admission requirements. “We didn’t receive the latest information from the faculties until October. It is a tremendous puzzle to collect everything and rewrite the relevant sections.”
It is also impossible to process the feedback from the research institutes on the rewritten “deeper pages” before the holidays.
The website project started almost two years ago after a question from the student fraction of the University Council. They asked if something could be done about the supply of information. Students had to go through too many channels for information on timetables, subjects or grades. Gorissen: “We initially only wanted to tackle the student section. But to no avail, it was impossible to detach it as a section. There was no way around it, we had to build a whole new site.” The student portal has become a separate project. A pilot with 300 students is still planned for the end of this year.



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