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FASoS: no more than one exam a day

FASoS: no more than one exam a day

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MAASTRICHT. At the moment, there are often too many exams and resits in one week, says the student fraction of the faculty council of Arts and Social Sciences. Sometimes there are even two in one day, a situation that requires a solution.

It would make a huge difference if lectures were cancelled during exam weeks, so that the Monday and Tuesday were also free for exams. In this way, there can be at least one day between two exams, which would give more breathing space, they stated during the last meeting of the faculty council. More than three exams in a week is not desirable anyway. The Faculty Board will look into this to see if it is possible and will submit a proposal in January.

The student fraction also argued for more online lectures, a widely shared wish within FASoS according to a survey organised by the students. But does stating the wish for more lectures online also mean that the students in question will actually view them, was one of the questions. Ultimately, it was decided that a pilot project should be set up in which lectures from four modules will be put online. This will be evaluated in two years’ time, when they will also look at how often lectures have been watched.



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