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  • Snapimals
  • Game/Funny/Photos
  • Free
  • Android, iOS

Top photographer wanted! With the Snapimals app, you find yourself on an island. Your host ‘The Captain’ wants to build the largest museum in the world here. To do so, he needs your help. The two of you venture into the wilderness to take photographs for the museum.

You start off in the jungle. As you pass by drawn trees and plants at considerable speed, you can point your camera in various directions by moving your finger across the screen. Pictures are taken by tapping the screen. You can take five photographs and then choose the best three to give to The Captain. He judges them and gives you a grade. The better the photograph, the more money and extras you will receive. You need these to build the museum.

Snapimals is a free game, but you will be enticed to buy within the app. If you do not want to spend money on it, you will have to wait longer before you can take more photographs or receive extra points. As there is a continuous stream of messages, the app is very much present on your phone. But the solution is simple: turn off the notifications.



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