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Running for resuscitation training

Running for resuscitation training

Photographer:Fotograaf: archive Taskforce QRS

MAASTRICHT. Resuscitation training for secondary-school pupils is what UM runners will be sweating for on 17 January during the ‘Zweit veur Leid’ run. It is the third time that the University Fund/SWOL participates in a sponsored run with their own good cause. “It fits in well with our knowledge institute,” says Charlotte Groven from the University Fund/SWOL. “It is education and contributes towards a healthier society.”

“The money is certainly welcome,” says Jerremy Weerts, board member of Taskforce QRS, the team of medical students who provide the resuscitation courses. “We don’t have a structural subsidy and in order to offer free courses we are dependent on projects like this.” The training costs €17.50 per pupil. The aim is to collect 30 thousand euro, so that next year about 1,800 secondary-school pupils from Maastricht and Meerssen can be taught how to resuscitate.

Every year, 16 thousand people in the Netherlands suffer a heart attack. In Limburg, there are about 1,350, of whom 150 in Maastricht. If resuscitation starts immediately after the attack, chances of survival are highest. Taskforce QRS is trying to teach this skill to as many people as possible.

Registrations for ‘Zweit veur Leid’ are going well. “We are well above the number of registrations at the same time last year,” says Groven.  “The fact that the round we are running this year is rather special (the route includes the new A2 tunnel, ed.) has contributed to this.”

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