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The Netherlands scores many starting grants again, one for the UM

THE NETHERLANDS. The Netherlands secured no less than 32 European starting grants for young researchers this year. Only the United Kingdom and Germany received more. Maastricht obtained one grant; this will go to Dr. Anna Harris, who works at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The starting grants that the European Research Council (ERC) issues every year, are meant for young researchers who have two to seven years of research experience after their PhD. This year, 2,920 research proposals were submitted, of which 291 (ten per cent) were approved. Their sum total amounts to 429 million euro.

The selected scientists can use the grants - which run up to 1.5 million euro - to set up their own research team. This means work for an estimated one thousand additional postdocs and PhD candidates.

TU Delft has no less than seven laureates. Amsterdam University does well again too, with six awarded grants.

The Netherlands pushes France from third place, with 32 grants on the international table. Most grants (48) went to the United Kingdom, which came in just ahead of Germany (47) this year.

There will be an additional list of starting grants in spring, of which the funding has not yet been completed. This also happened in March of this year, when the Netherlands received seven additional grants. Researchers who are almost certain of receiving such an extra grant sometimes already know this.

The Netherlands scores well in Science and Technology and less well in Social Sciences and Humanities. Of all the starting grants, 126 went to Natural Science and Technology, 95 to Life Sciences and 70 to Social Sciences and Humanities.

HOP, Hein Cuppen



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