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Get me to the Gym

Get me to the Gym

  • Get me to the Gym
  • Exercising/new year’s resolutions/health
  • €1.59
  • Android

“If you want your house to remain clean, imagine that others can see you.” ‘Housekeeping queen’ Martha Stewart uses this tip to motivate people to keep their house clean, even when no visitors are expected. The creators of Get me to the Gym work on the same principle. It is easy to come up with excuses not to go to the gym when you are sitting alone on your sofa. But what if others know that you are watching Netflix instead of working up a sweat, like you proudly announced on 1 January.

In the app, you enter the day and the time you want to exercise and the location of your gym. Using location tracking on your telephone, the app knows if you are actually pushing weights at the agreed time. If not, then an alarm goes off, which becomes more and more irritating the more often you press it off. With every alarm, there is a motivating phrase to tempt you to get up from your chair. The only way to stop the announcements, apart from actually putting on your sports shoes, is by indicating why you didn’t go. Get me to the Gym publishes the exact number of times you skipped as well as your (lame) excuses on a Facebook-like wall, where all your friends within the app can see them.



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