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Train, bus or car

MAASTRICHT. The province of Limburg wants to make public transport more appealing to German students – partly because of pressure from the democrats party D66.  At the moment, through sheer necessity, this group usually travels to Maastricht by car, thus adding to the parking problems in town. A study of their transport needs has been scheduled. 

In the past, the Young Democrats (D66’s youth party) have urged for better international train connections in Limburg, a point that is once again high on many agendas since the disappearance of the direct fast train connection with Brussels. As Maastricht University wishes to grow to 25 thousand students, transport problems will become even more pressing, says D66 fraction chairman in the Provincial States, Hans van Wageningen.

Parking problems in the city are considerable, says Van Wageningen. Despite measures by the Maastricht city council - allowing students to park in various areas for a very small amount of money - their cars can still be found everywhere. “There are still a lot of people who are irritated with the cars bearing German number plates using up the parking spaces on their streets. D66 feels that everyone has a right to park their car, also students.” But better public transport could also solve the parking problems.



2013-02-28: Student
Well, it's quite obvious isn't it? Of course German students won't not use public transport in Maastricht. Why would someone switch to public transport if he or she nearly reached his/her destination? It takes too much time to reach your destination, effort to get an OV-chipkaart, transfer money to your account, use it, understand it, keep using it.

Besides, public transport is too expensive (German students don't have a OV student-card) whilst driving a car in Germany is much cheaper. No reason at all for any student to use public transport. It's not an option.

Solution: more free parking lots for students. Not taking advantage of a situation to grab some more money. We're investing in our educational system, the future, students. Or is it just a nice trick to increase the parking rates?
2013-03-01: Student
The bus to Aachen is very unattractive as it is 1) expensive 2) takes forever 3) stops at the station and not anywhere near the university.

Additionally, a lot of cars parked in Maastricht belong to students who live in Maastricht. Therefore I think it would be very reasonable that they can park their cars without any "irritation with the cars bearing German number plates" by locals.

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