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  • Mindly
  • Study/creative/brainstorming
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

Whether it is in a study group or during a meeting, everyone has at some point gone to work on a large sheet of paper with some felt-tip pens to create a mind map. It is a way of brainstorming in which you start off with a key word. Around that, the group adds words that they associate with the key word. This results in subthemes, which in turn can become the subject of brainstorming.

Mindly works on the same basis, except it is digital. This has a number of advantages. Firstly, the mind map can be easily shared with the whole group after the brainstorming session, sending it as a PDF via e-mail. No moaning about who is going to look after the sheet of paper. Secondly, the available space is endless. This can be used to make further associations or to add concrete ideas, photos and links to websites, to the card. Finally, it is easy to adapt the mind map. Does a certain word fit better with another theme? Do you want to give words that have one particular aim the same colour? With just a couple of clicks and swipes, the map is changed.



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