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Praise for medical anthropologist Krumeich

Praise for medical anthropologist Krumeich

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dies: Winner of the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize

MAASTRICHT. It is already seven years ago since the winner of the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize came from Randwyck. At that time, it was Gerard Majoor and Ton de Goeij who were put in the limelight. Monday afternoon, during the celebrations of the 40th anniversary, senior lecturer Anja Krumeich received full praise from rector Luc Soete for her contribution towards the Master of Global Health. He awarded her with a certificate, a sculpture and five thousand euro.

Having studied and completed her PhD as a medical anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam, Anja Krumeich (1958) went to Maastricht at the beginning of the nineteen-nineties. She started work at the Faculty of Health Sciences as a methodologist in the field of qualitative research. The Master of Public Health for Professionals was created and she became its proponent. “Slowly but surely, we saw the world and the students’ interest change. In health care, it was no longer about developed versus developing countries, but about globalisation and co-operation. After graduation, students didn’t want to return to their countries to carry out projects, they also wanted to be able to work for the World Health Organisation (WHO) or in another international setting.”
The study programme was discontinued and Krumeich set up a new one: the Master of Global Health. “In 2010 we had 43 students. Now the number is 105. And they come from all corners, both when it comes to nationalities and backgrounds. We have a marine biologist, an anthropologist, medical students, et cetera.”
Krumeich gave the master’s programme an international aspect by working together with four universities in Canada, Thailand, India and Colombia. “Every university has its own programme, and that is where the strength lies. We all want to contribute our own vision of health care, from our own culture, habits, way of thinking and acting. Health is determined by a number of factors and it is exactly this multidisciplinarity that makes it such a great study programme.”
According to the jury, Krumeich “with her enthusiasm and strong social antenna” is capable of forging “a close-knit international team”.
“People say I ‘earned’ the prize, but honestly I was astounded with the nomination. Besides I thought the competition was very strong.”

Krumeich’s competition for the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize:
* Thomas Cleij, Menno Knetsch and Brigitte Giezenaar for the Maastricht Science Programme
* Isabella Grabner for the Thesis Internship Programme at SBE
* Catalina Goanta (who won the prize last year), Gwen Noteborn (who has already received the prize twice), and Bram Akkermans for the Use of IT and Wearable Technology in Legal Education

* Eddy Houwaart and Theo de Kok for the FHML honours programme
* Kaj Thomsson for his contribution to the SBE specialisation in Emerging Markets



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