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Good resolutions

Good resolutions

I’m not a person particularly inclined to take part into the annual round of New Year’s Good Resolutions. By the way: I guess resolutions are always good? Or are there persons out there intentionally thinking: “Well this year, I’m going to do my very best to annoy (choose the applicable):  my boss/my parents/my friends/my teachers/my sibblings… This year, I’m going to do a deed of unspeakable evil ?“

Anyways, I always figure if you’re intending to do something good – why wait until January 1st? Is there anything wrong with…. I don’t know, February 29th (except that this one only exists every 4 years, which in itself would reduce the number of Good Resolutions quite dramatically)? Is there anything wrong with taking a Good Resolution… every day of the year?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Saint. But I’m not Dr. Evil either. I’d say I’m in between, trying not to do evil because that is just not who I am – but not doing exceptionally good, saintly stuff either for the convenient reason of being either ‘too busy’ or ‘too broke’.

Well. Today is January 18 and I’m taking a Good Resolution. Not for this year only, but for the rest of my life. To try to step out of my personal comfort zone and give just that much more of myself to the world, be it in sending some money far away, to these little orphans in Nepal  for whom a friend of my sister-in-law built a small orphanage that was crushed during the last earthquake. Or give some of my time and affection to that friend of mine not far away from home, who is in misery and is badly in need of a friend at the moment.

Good Resolutions and deeds don’t have to be GREAT, Nobel-prize winning things. I’m increasingly convinced that every little bit helps. Looking at the current state of the world, I’d say there is great need for love out there. If everyone gave only a drop, look at how big that wave could become.

Woa. I’m reading back the text above and I’m thinking: woman, who are you? What have you done with Séverine?!! Give her back to me!

But seriously. Look around you people.

Who’s with me?

Séverine Dufour, Student Affairs Officer Science Programme



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