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  • PackPoint
  • Packing/Travelling/Organizing
  • Free (Premium: €3.28)
  • Android, iOS

Those who want to escape Carnival, are already busy planning their vacations. Whether it is a skiing trip or an excursion to the sunny south, you will have to pack a suitcase. This can cause a lot of stress. That’s where PackPoint comes in handy. This app builds your packing list according to your needs, so that you won’t forget a single thing. PackPoint asks you about your gender and the purpose of your trip, and it even checks the weather to make sure that you pack an umbrella if rain is expected at your destination.

The app also takes into consideration the length of your stay and any activities that you might be doing (you can choose from a set list) and the clothing that goes along with that. After the app has established your packing list, you simply tick off or remove items from the list. You can also share your list with fellow travellers so that they won’t forget anything either. This way, you will never again experience a suitcase that is too heavy because it is filled with a lot of stuff that you didn’t even use. There is a premium version available but that doesn’t seem to add much.

Sophie Martens



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