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Don’t Say Um!

Don’t Say Um!

  • Don’t Say Um!
  • Study/Work/Presentation
  • €3.33(Android)/€2.99(iOS)
  • Android, iOS

All of us have experienced it: a speaker who says ‘um’ twice a minute. Or a lecturer who adds ‘isn’t it’ to every sentence. Once you have noticed such a stopgap, you can hardly concentrate on the content of the speech anymore.

To avoid becoming such a speaker yourself, there is now ‘Don’t Say Um!’ Using your smartphone’s microphone, you enter your presentation (in English). Each time you say ‘um’, or another frequently used stopgap, such as ‘like’ or ‘you know’, the app beeps. At the end or your talk, you can see how often you used every word. The app also records how long you have spoken, which can be useful if you have to stick to a particular time limit.

Don’t Say Um! is not cheap: €3.33 for Android users and €2.99 for those who have an iOS device.



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