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Whatever floats your goat

Whatever floats your goat Whatever floats your goat

Photographer:Fotograaf: Kate Surala

Work like a slave, eat like a king

Frozen to the bone in the unreasonably cold, rainy weather, my partner and I decided to visit Brasserie Keizer for a warm and cosy lunch. I was curious about this restaurant since the building has changed hands many times over the four years I have been living in Maastricht. Brasserie Keizer inspires a sense of familiarity and warmth the second you walk in. The walls covered with art, wooden floor, huge windows facing the Keizer Karelplein and the smiling older man (most likely the owner) boosted my mood.

The board outside convinced me to order a goat’s cheese burger with a portion of fries. If you’re thinking of a McDonald’s-style burger, forget it. Brasserie Keizer creates a completely different frame of reference. I’d like to meet the person who first decided to put a big, juicy burger patty between two slices of fresh, crispy brioche. It’s like a multicultural marriage made in culinary heaven: the French being responsible for the rich, soft bread, and the Americans (with a little help from German immigrants in the 19th century) laying down the ground-beef patty. I can still taste the thick layer of goat cheese covered in bread crumbs on the beef. The burger was topped with fresh cucumber, tomato, red onions (what a pity, I don’t like them!) and rocket. The wooden skewer in the middle nicely supported the overall structure, so you could taste all ingredients at once. Unfortunately, the portion of fries was quite small and not sufficient for two people. Still, I can also recommend the kroket that I ate on a different visit. It came with two pieces and I could have sworn I tasted real bits of meat on the inside. I must admit that this restaurant really floats my boat.

Kate Surala

-> Brasserie Keizer, Keizer Karelplein 15,

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