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What’s that hanging on my bicycle?

What’s that hanging on my bicycle?

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

MAASTRICHT. You will find them everywhere in the city: yellow handlebar hangers. It's an initiative of Maastricht Bereikbaar (Maastricht Accessible) that wants to know if there are enough bicycle parking spaces in Maastricht.
The handlebar hanger – with a text in Dutch – contains a chip with a unique number. This Thursday and Friday (just like last week), researchers will cross the city a number of times and will scan the bicycles at different times during the day, using a special device, to see how many are parked and where. “It is an anonymous study, because we don’t know who owns the bicycle,” Maastricht Bereikbaar reports on its website of the same name.
The hangers can be binned at the end of the day. Last Thursday, some bicycle owners didn’t see the point of it (or didn’t understand the text) and left the hanger on the ground.
Those who find something else that is yellow on their bicycles, should be careful. In big letters, it says ‘attention’ on the coded sticker. Maastricht city council law enforcers appear to have piggybacked on the Maastricht Bereikbaar action by sticking the hanger on every orphaned, wrecked or unsafely parked bicycle. Their owners must remove them within fourteen days. If not, the city council will take them away.



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