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It wasn't love at first sight. I didn't understand the excitement with which everybody spoke about you. But when everybody insisted, I tried it. I didn't really liked your taste. I wasn't convinced. You were not like the Italians, or the Dutch. Maybe slightly better than the Americans.

But I couldn't get around you. You were everywhere. You got me through long days of studying. And even during snowshoeing, when we thought we lost track in the middle of nowhere, you were just around the corner. You were so persistent, I had to try it again, and again. 

I had to get used to you, and now I couldn't do without you out anymore. You're still not perfect to me, but I even started to appreciate your imperfections. You’re always close, I always get what I expect, all my friends like you, and you’re cheap. I am even willing to share you, I’ll patiently wait in line until it’s my turn.

Tim Hortons, you have convinced me. Just like every other Canadian, I have fallen in love with you. Not because your cappuccino is so amazing, it is not, or because I like your donuts or muffins so much. But there’s something about you that makes you irresistible.


Floortje Rawee

Name: Floortje Rawee (21)

Study: second-year UCM-student

Goes to: Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

From: 3 January until the end of May






2013-03-01: Lisa Dupuy
I remember 'him'! ;-)

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