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Belgian terrorism

Belgian terrorism

I live across the border, 6 km into Belgian territory. Careful though! Not just ANY part of Belgian territory. French-Speaking Belgium, Walloon country…

The village I live in houses so many Dutch people it hardly qualifies as Walloon country any more. In most neighbourhoods of Eben-Emael, just outside Kanne, order and neat front yards rule.
But then, just 3 kilometers outside Eben-Emael, anarchy and civil disobedience form the official religion.
The boundary between the two villages… yes there! right after that bend in the road where almost once a week, a bordering tree attacks passing cars. Or was it the other way around? Anyhow, this frontier is clearly marked by a trail of mud coming from the field on the right. A farmer stacks his straw there. Last year, the mud came from the left-hand field. This local man was then summoned by the Police to stop using that field as a hay stack. Dangerous and dirty mud trails on the road, you know? The law-abiding citizen, whom I am happy to call a friend, moved the whole shebang to the field across the road. Innovative and efficient: the mud trail now emanates from the right.

Deep down, at the end of that one-way street where no car was allowed until 5 years ago, lives the most curious kind of Weirdo. Allow me to introduce the Wonckist, French-Speaking Belgian terrorist of the purest kind.

The Wonckist, like many of his Belgian compatriots, is adamantly against wearing seat belts in cars, especially while driving 80 kph where 50 is the limit. He won’t park where allowed - the world is his oyster - and won’t pay the fines (he hasn’t got that kind of money).

Slightly anti-social and rarely seen in public in broad day light, he carries out his deeds of anarchy in the dead of night. No barrier will block the way to HIS municipal woods – you know, that is why the Great Spirit created the man who invented the bolt cutter. Rumour has it that he had once planned to block the way to the woods for that other kind of terrorists, the Motor Cross Nature Terrorists, in ways I would not dare to repeat here for fear of vendetta or too much LOL.

His favourite expression is “I don’t care” (lots of exclamation marks). He Disobeys.

I support his Cause.

What can I say? I’m French….


Sévérine Dufour, Student Affairs Officer Science Programme



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