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  • Mutuals
  • Game/nostalgia/friends
  • Free
  • iOS

“Does she wear glasses?” “Does he have a moustache?” These were the kind of questions used in the game Guess who to find out if your opponent was redhead Ashley or bald James with the goatee. With every answer, one or more people could be struck from the list until eventually the right person was left. The first one to guess correctly, was the winner of the game.

Mutuals works exactly the same way, but instead of predetermined characters from the game, you play with your own Facebook friends. That makes asking the questions a lot more personal. “Does he/she start dancing on the table after three beers?” for example. Or: “Would I want to go on a trip around the world with him/her?” Everything is allowed, as long as the questions can be answered with Yes or No. Afterwards you can chat about the results and explain the questions (“Why would I not want to live in a house with Jack?”).

Mutuals contains ads, the ad-free version costs €0.99.



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