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UNU Jargon Buster

UNU Jargon Buster

  • UNU Jargon Buster
  • UN/knowledge/useful
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

What on earth are they talking about? Anyone who tries to gain more knowledge on the United Nations runs the risk of getting lost in jargon. Reports and meetings are filled with terms such as ‘biosensitivity’, ‘economic remittances’ and ‘democratic consolidation’. UNU Merit, the research and trainings centre of the United Nations University and Maastricht University, have developed an app to tackle the problem.

The app contains explanations for over 200 terms and 250 abbreviations regularly used by the United Nations. It works just like a dictionary. You can search or scroll through an alphabetical list of words. There is a short explanation for each term, a reference to its source, and to the UN’s  Sustainable Development Goals to which the word is connected. You can also share the explanation on social media.

UNU wants to expand the database with jargon that applies to peace and governance, global development and environmental sustainability.



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