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Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach

  • Hydro Coach
  • Health/Fitness/Coach
  • Free
  • Android

Drinking sufficient water is good for you. It helps your body remove waste products, transports nutrients to your cells and strengthens your immune system. But how much is sufficient? And when should you drink? Hydro Coach answers all these questions.

First, enter your age, your weight, whether you are a man or a woman, and what your lifestyle is – whether you are active or sit a lot. Based on this data, Hydro Coach calculates the level of fluids you should consume in a day. You will see a new red circle on the Home screen every day. Your aim is to make the circle blue by nighttime. When you drink something (not just water, you can choose from other drinks) you can easily add this. Click the circle to display cups of different sizes. If you haven’t added anything in a while, the app sends a reminder.

For a broader overview of your health, you may connect the app to Google Fit or Samsung’s S Health. Those who hate advertisements and would like to have a month’s overview instead of a week’s, can purchase the Pro version for 99 cents.



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