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  • Roger
  • Retro/messages/friends
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

Who still has voice mail? Research by a telecom news site carried out in March showed that a mere 25 per cent of Dutch people leave a message after the beep and that most young people (70 per cent) do not listen to their messages. Still, a spoken message can be just that bit quicker than a written message. That is where Roger comes in. This app, from the people who built Spotify, enables you to leave messages for your friends. No so much like a voicemail, more like a kind of walkie-talkie. Hence the name: Roger, from the word used to confirm that a message has been received and understood.

To speak to someone, just tap on his or her photograph. Tap the record button and start talking. If you want to listen to a message, tap the listen button – the app is very simple. Others don’t need to have the app for you to send a message to them, the only thing you need is their telephone number. Roger doesn’t take up much space on your phone. Messages are deleted after 48 hours.



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