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Power nap

Power nap

  • Power nap
  • Relaxation/health/sleep
  • Free
  • Android, iOS

A power nap is supposed to do wonders for your productivity. Close your eyes briefly and find yourself able to go full speed ahead again. But apart from the fact that your colleagues look at you strangely when you doze off in your seat, it is also difficult to not sleep too long. Besides, when is a nap the most effective?

That is where Power nap comes into play. Not only can you set an alarm that wakes you after a set period of time – from ten minutes for a micro nap to an hour for a lazy man’s nap – the app also gives you tips on the best possible way to nap. For example, it helps if you eat something filled with calcium and protein one hour beforehand, as this induces sleep. Do you rise early and go to bed early, then you would be best taking forty winks between 13:00 and 13:30hrs, if you go to bed after midnight, then 15:00hrs is your ideal time for a snooze. Power nap has different pieces of music that you can play during your nap in order to feel completely relaxed.

If you have no time to sleep, then some brief relaxation is equally useful. You might take the one-minute nanonap, for example.



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