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New UM sports complex

New UM sports complex

Photographer:Fotograaf: Satijnplus

Almost all indoor sports concentrated in a single large sports complex: this should all be reality by September 2015. That is when the new sports centre that the UM is about to build, should be ready for use. Up until now, sports activities have been scattered across the city, or even the region. Climbers, for example, need to travel to Heerlen to practice their sport. The new centre will be built partly on the spot of the existing facilities in Randwijck, but it will be much bigger. A section of the present accommodation will be integrated.

The three stakeholders signed a declaration of intent last week, agreeing to make final arrangements this year. Preparations should be completed within nine months, the agreement says. The three parties concerned are the city of Maastricht, housing association Servatius, and the UM. Servatius had hired the famous Spanish architect Calatrava to create a spectacular building that would include student accommodation, offices and a large sports centre. Financially, this turned out to be too ambitious and the project crashed in 2009, Servatius losing tens of millions. In the meantime the old sports hall in Randwijck had already been demolished, leaving the city without accommodation for the primary school’s gym classes, while the UM had to look for alternatives as well. This was followed by years of conflicts concerning responsibility and liability, a temporary accommodation, and now finally an agreement.  




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