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“Whoops, sorry for that kick”

“Whoops, sorry for that kick” “Whoops, sorry for that kick” “Whoops, sorry for that kick” “Whoops, sorry for that kick” “Whoops, sorry for that kick”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Kevin Olislagers

Faculty Fight 2016

They had to conquer obstacles, run, raft and race, but eventually the School of Business and Economics (SBE) successfully defended its title and won the Faculty Fight 2016. This interfaculty sports competition is organised for every fifth anniversary of Maastricht University. Last Thursday, it was held for the second time.

Thursday morning, UNS 40 With the slogan “We are UMbeatable” on their shirts, it’s almost as though they knew they were going to win again. The SBE team runs through the inflatable assault course, jumping, crawling and climbing. ‘Whoops, sorry, for that kick’, you see one fanatic thinking as he races to the finish, pushing his competitor aside. On the battleground behind the Universiteitssingel 40 this Thursday morning, a number of faculty teams are fighting it out in several rounds: starting with a sack race, blowing up a balloon, keeping it in their mouth during the assault course till they reach the finish, and finally tying it to a rope.
While the jury is counting the balloons (“they have to be big enough, otherwise they get half a point less”) some students return to the assault course: “I can’t get enough of it.” Others are focused on influencing the jury, trying to convince them their balloon merits a full point. But the jury has no mercy: “You should have blown a bit harder.”

Thursday afternoon, Faculty of Law C. O. U. R. The team from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is getting there, but where is that T? In the garden of the Faculty of Law, the Faculty Fight teams have to spell out words that have something to do with law by putting on t-shirts with letters on them. “Double p, double p”, yells an SBE member to his teammates in a hoarse voice. One person has to spell the words, while the others – standing a couple of metres away – have to change shirts. Crew members of the Faculty Fight stand next to each team writing down the correct words. It all seems a bit chaotic, but people evidently know what they’re doing. “20 out of 27 words”, exclaims the Health, Medicine and Life sciences team proudly to their supporters when the time is up.

Wendy Degens and Cleo Freriks



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