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Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp

Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp

  • Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp
  • Handy/memory/photographs
  • Free
  • Android, soon also for iOS

A yawning cat when it is almost time for bed. A jubilant baby when a presentation has gone well. A photograph when the mileage on your car has reached 88888. Fun, of course, that your friends want to share these milestones with you in WhatsApp, but the memory on your phone fills up before you know it with these snapshots. There are undoubtedly very disciplined people who regularly clean their phones. For all others, there is Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp.

This app analyses all your WhatsApp pictures and divides them into groups. This can take some time, but it’s worth the wait: all your photographs will be neatly divided into categories such as memes, quotes, cartoons, and screenshots. This makes deleting them easier. If you want to be sure that nothing important is thrown out, you will have to scroll down the list of photographs that have been selected, but because they are sorted into categories, a picture that is out of place is much more noticeable. Simply uncheck the mark and the photograph will be saved.

The app analyses 500 photographs at a time. If you really have a lot, this could take a while, but still a lot less time than if you had to assess every photograph yourself.



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