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A thousand people on yoga mats

A thousand people on yoga mats

Photographer:Fotograaf: archive Good Life Yoga Maastricht

MAASTRICHT. A thousand people on yoga mats at the Tapijn barracks. That is the aim of the Good Life Yoga Maastricht foundation. On 21 June, International Yoga Day, the organisers want to show that yoga is not “woolly, boring or just sitting down,” says psychologist Kim van Oorsouw, a researcher at Maastricht University. “On the contrary, it gives power and flexibility, improves the ability to concentrate and prevents tension in your body as well as back problems.” Van Oorsouw, along with fellow yoga teacher and initiator Louke Bos, states that these days people have less and less contact with their own bodies. “Yoga helps you restore that contact. We are not the only ones who think so, the United Nations do too, which is why they declared the International Yoga Day.”

With this mega-yoga lesson, Good Life Yoga Maastricht also wants to collect money for a good cause. One euro of every ticket sold will go to Scholarships for Higher Education (SHE). This programme offers youths in India a chance to study and in doing so contribute something to their community and beyond. Money will also be generated via crowd funding and via a sponsor action for primary schools. “On 21 June, we will seek contact with yoga teacher Anouk Prop on screen, she is in India and will participate in the yoga lesson together with the youngsters.”



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