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Psychology students also want recorded lecturers

Psychology students also want recorded lecturers

Photographer:Fotograaf: pixabay

MAASTRICHT. Students in the Psychology faculty council want lectures to be recorded in the future. They have written a proposal on the matter that will be dealt with on Thursday afternoon in the faculty council meeting. “There is a need,” says Hanne van Kasteren, one of the authors of the proposal, which will be discussed in the faculty council today – after Observant has gone to press. “Not because students don’t want to come to the lectures, but because they want to be able to look over difficult parts again.”

The students inquired at other faculties – Law, SBE, FASoS, FHML – where lectures are already being filmed, what their experience was. Technical problems appear to be rare (but unavoidable) and the number of students attending the lectures has hardly dropped. They would like to start a pilot project in the next academic year.

“If lecturers feel uneasy about it, there is also the option of just recording audio and playing the recording alongside the slides,” says Van Kasteren. “And if someone uses examples containing confidential information, of course the lecture will not be recorded.” Lecturers who have real objections, can always also say ‘no’ to the recordings. “But they will have to have a good reason, as recordings should become the standard.”

To prevent the lecturers from drifting about the Internet, the students suggest that the recordings be made available only to those who are taking the specific block.



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