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Inkom: Time Travel Tuesday

Inkom: Time Travel Tuesday

Photographer:Fotograaf: Manuel & Geza

MAASTRICHT. Where last year the Spanish-Belgian singer Belle Pérez performed on the Markt during the Inkom opening, this year the choice falls on a duo working the turntables: Manuel Broekman and Géza Weisz. Who is making a repeat performance? Maastricht star Fabrizio. Just mentioning his name caused a lot of cheering when the artists were announced at the pre-Inkom drinks in the Kruithuis last Monday.
The traditional Tuesday evening in the MECC has been given a theme: Time Travel Tuesday. Cover band ‘Dubbel fout’ will present a mix of top-40 music, Mental Theo returns to the nineteen-nineties and there is even a real live boy-band revival with BoysRBack.
A few hours before that, during the festival at the Griend where many student associations will present themselves, there will be music by DJ duo Gebroeders Scooter and Puresang. Inkom ends on Friday evening with the Bavaria Night in the MECC. The line-up: DJs Lucas & Steve, 2Dirty, Giio, and headliners Jay Hardway and Justin Prime.
This year, Inkom, the introduction week for new students, is from 22 to 26 August. There are no significant changes to the programme, although ‘We’re International’ and ‘Hotspot’ on the opening day (Tapijn barracks) have been abolished. There is also no ‘Square fair’ on the Friday evening anymore, a mini-Preuvenemint on the Kesselskade, the Ezelmarkt and Cörversplein.
After registration on Monday, the new students will be accompanied by their mentors on a Tour de Maastricht, followed by an opening dinner in the Stadspark. From there, the crowd will move to the Markt.



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