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"Maastricht is cheaper than Scotland"

"Maastricht is cheaper than Scotland"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Stefan Konichev (24)

Nationality: Bulgarian

Study: master work and organisation psychology

Time&place: Monday 15.30hrs, Stadspark

How do you like Maastricht so far?

"Well, it’s really beautiful and definitely cheaper than Scotland, which is the most important thing of course. I did my bachelor studies in Glasgow."

How do you like your room/house, and have you already met your house mates?

"I like it a lot. It’s a big room in a house just past the Belgian border. I’ve met two out of my fifteen housemates. They’re alright but quite shy. We haven't spent much time together yet; I only arrived in Maastricht yesterday evening."

Did your parents give you any advice before you took off?

"They told me to be wise with my money. I like to spend it on clothes a lot."

What is indispensable during the Inkom?

"Sleep. I love my sleep. At least 7,5 hours per night."

Have you heard that there is a surplus of female students /shortage of male students at UM? What’s your take on that?

"Well… let’s say girls aren’t interesting to me."

Sjoerd Willen



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