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Just enjoy

Just enjoy

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Konny Flämig

Nationality: German

Study: Global Health

Time & place: Monday 16.30 hrs, Stadspark

Day 1 of the Inkom; are you surprised by someone or something? "I have to admit that I actually didn’t put much effort in finding out what kind of city Maastricht is before I arrived. I didn’t look at the internet for photos. But since my arrival, last Thursday, I’m positively surprised, especially about the old and narrow streets with the cobblestones, people eating on the terraces on the side. I chose Maastricht because of the global health master, I wanted an international degree and an English programme."

Did you talk to your neighbors already? "No, I didn’t met them. I even don’t know if they are students or people from Maastricht. I live in Scharn."

Who did you send an app today? "My brother, he is younger and still lives in Germany. I wrote that I like it here."

What was your parents’ advice according to the Inkom? "´Just enjoy´. I’m quite independent, I stayed on my own in South-Africa some time ago and did a bachelor in Leipzig."



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