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“We don’t have parties like that in Korea”

“We don’t have parties like that in Korea”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Jay Park

Nationality: South-Korean

Study: Business

Time&place: Tuesday 15:30 hrs, Festival at the Griend

“Keep safe and don’t go to dangerous places, was my parent’s advice to me before I came here. I don’t plan to. I do plan to travel around Europe though. Rome and Barcelona are on my wish list. I really like Maastricht so far, it’s a relaxed, calm and peaceful city. I live in the Guesthouse with people from all over the world, my neighbour is from Australia and I’ve made a Korean friend as well.

“The highlight of the Inkom so far was the opening party. Very big – and just for one university! – I was impressed. We don’t have parties like that in South-Korea. What you absolutely need during Inkom? Well, knowledge of the Dutch language comes in handy. My Dutch group members speak English almost all the time, but in the group of my Korean friend, they mostly speak Dutch.”



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