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"Girl power!"

"Girl power!"

Interview with freshmen

Name: Nora Andelfinger

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 20

Study: bachelor Biomedical sciences

Time and place: Tuesday 12:30 hrs, Day at the Uni, School of Business and Economics

When did you arrive in Maastricht?

“I only arrived yesterday, so I’m still having quite a jetlag. It’s actually 05.00 hrs for me.”

Did you already meet your housemates?

“Yes, all four of them. They’re very kind. We’ve become friends already.”

Did your parents give you any advice before you took off?

“To eat well, and to stick to my schedule. Oh yes… And that I could come home any time I want.”

What’s the most dear thing you brought from home?

“Two kilos of maple syrup!”

Did you know that females are in the majority at this university?

“No, I didn’t know that. Well… Girl power!”



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