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"I heard the yellow ones are more international"

"I heard the yellow ones are more international"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Aliona Normandin

Nationality: French

Study: European Law School

Time & place: Tuesday 16.00 hrs., Griend Festival

Dutch people, Dutch culture, Dutch language: it’s not new for Aliona Normandin. Five years ago she left Paris, together with her parents, to go live in The Hague. This Tuesday afternoon she sits along the Maas with some friends from that same city (chatting in English or French, by the way). “We have a group chat.” Asking her if she still joins her INKOM group, she laughs a bit shy. “Well… I have to admit that I prefer doing things with my friends.” Not completely the answer to her parents’ advice to make new friends. “I will enjoy student life, sure thing and I really want to get to know new people.” Surrounded by Koko, Tragos, Saurus and Circumflex – does she want to become a member? “I don’t know. My mentors are from Koko and yesterday evening we joined a Koko party. I heard the yellow ones [Koko] are also a bit more international than the more traditional red [Tragos] and blue ones [Circumflex].”
Last Saturday she arrived in Maastricht, in her studio near the Vrijthof – her first time ever in this city. “I haven’t visited an open day. I heard about this international law program and decided to register.” 



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