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“I spontaneously bought a bike yesterday”

“I spontaneously bought a bike yesterday”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Kimberly Schäperklaus

Nationality: German

Study: European Law

Time&place: Wednesday, 19:30 hrs., CultiFest at the Stadspark

Kimberly Schäperklaus looks at peace with the world as she sits on a blanket in the Stadspark with a friend. “We’re just relaxing now. With the heat and the staying up late everyone is a bit exhausted. But it’s okay; we’ve had some great days.” And yes, also a hangover. “Yesterday was bad. My solution?” She laughs: “Beer for breakfast!” And then to think that she almost didn’t go to the Inkom. “I had a doctor’s appointment, but my mum said: move the appointment to September and go and have fun.” Her home is still pretty clean. “Me and my flat mates only moved in on Sunday, so we didn’t have time yet to make it dirty. The only mess there is the usual moving-mess.” Did she bring everything she needs from home? “No, I forgot my bike! I spontaneously bought one yesterday. It was a bit expensive, but I realized it’s impossible to do anything without one here.”



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