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“It’s a little too hot”

“It’s a little too hot”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Stephanie Ibe

Nationality: German

Study: Psychology

Time&place: Wednesday, 19:30 hrs., CultiFest at the Stadspark

Stephanie Ibe had a tight schedule when she arrived in Maastricht. “I came last Wednesday, found an apartment on Friday and moved in on Sunday. I’m sharing it with two Dutch girls. They just moved in as well so our apartment has been really clean so far.” She found something funny in her contract. “It says explicitly that you can’t use drugs in the building. In Germany it’s always forbidden. My parents found it a bit scary: ‘why do they mention that’, haha.” They don’t have to worry about her, although she did had a bit of hangover yesterday. “Monday was my favourite day so far though. We were all together, getting to know each other.” She only has one complaint: “It’s a little too hot.”



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