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“There are only three boys in our group: not much to choose from”

“There are only three boys in our group: not much to choose from”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Names: Nadine Berners and Anna Pietsch

Nationality: German

Studies: Psychology and European Public Health

Time&place: Thursday 15:30 hrs., Sports Event at the Griend

New friends Nadine Berners and Anna Pietsch are sitting together at the Maasboulevard next to the Sportevent at the Griend. They are Inkom group members and immediately hit it off. Asked who their favourite person is they met this week, they laughingly point at each other. Berners, who lives near Aachen and comes to Maastricht every day by car, will even spend the night at Pietsch’ house tonight. Will she have to find her way among dirty clothes and dishes? “No, on a scale from 1-10 my room is a 10”, says Pietsch. “She can confirm that.” Berners laughs. “I can, it’s very clean.”

They haven’t decided yet on becoming a member somewhere, although Pietsch is considering Stennis. “I already play tennis.” “I’ll need an overview first”, says Berners. “There are so many associations.” This week they enjoyed the Pub Crawl, but they’re no fans of the music at the opening on the Market. “This Fabrizio? I’m sorry, but his music is just really bad”, says Berners. Also, no news in the romantic area. Berners has a long-term boyfriend back home and Pietsch has noticed the lack of men in Maastricht. “Our Inkom group only has three boys. Not that much to choose from.”



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