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Bet with boyfriend: no drinking for three days

Bet with boyfriend: no drinking for three days

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Interview with freshmen

Name: Anni Schleicher

Nationality: German

Age: 19

Study: European Studies

Time & place: Thursday, 14:30 hrs, Griend SportsEvent

What’s the nicest conversation you’ve had so far?

“I met a guy from Texas who’s starting his master studies. He told me he leared Arabic in the US, taught English in Morocco, and now he’s in Maastricht. ‘How do you travel so much?’, I wondered. And how do you get out of Texas in the first place?!”

Already suffered a hangover?

“Nope, I decided not to drink during the Inkom. I have to cycle home at three in the morning and I want to feel safe. Also, I have a bet with my boyfriend that I wouldn't not drink for at least three days.”

How is hygiene in your house?

“It’s quite good. It’s not spanking clean, I am living there after all.But on a scale from 1 to 10, its at least an 8,5.”

Forgotten something?

“A bathmat. When I shower, I tend to turn the shower in a water park. That’s basically the only thing I can think of. I definitely can’t complain.”

Which factor sunscreen are you using?

50. As a ginger, I’d get really pink in no time if I didn’t use such a strong sunscreen.



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