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Playing football in the sun, making cocktails in the snow

Playing football in the sun, making cocktails in the snow

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey ROberts

Rag Week 2013

A loud “Yay!” sounds in the Law faculty garden on Thursday afternoon, 7 March. Two girls run a round of victory. “3-5!” They have just played a game of football against a couple of guys as part of the Rag Week activities. During Rag Week - Wednesday 6 March to Wednesday 13 March - students collect money in Maastricht for a good cause, by organising all kinds of activities. There is a drama workshop, an online auction (for the first time this year), a beer pong tournament and various parties. The money will go to development aid organisation Humana, and the Maastricht department of social work organisation XONAR.

“Come on, join in,” shouts one member of JFV Ouranos, the Faculty of Law association, to an onlooker. They organised a football tournament. “I have lessons shortly.” “Just one game.” “Okay then.” The rest of the audience sit and watch listlessly. It is a nice place to be, in the garden, with a pleasant temperature and a little bit of sun.

How different conditions are a few days later, on Tuesday evening, when AEGEE organised a cocktail workshop at Tafelstraat 13. “Could I please park my bicycle inside?” a visitor asks when she arrives. “My lock was frozen earlier on and I’m afraid it will happen again.”

The participants who braved the snow will learn how to make four cocktails this evening: Tequila Sunrise, Irish coffee, Mojito and Burning Lamborghini. The last one is the most difficult; after the Sambuca has been added, the drink has to be set alight. “Ouch, I burned my finger. There is some Sambuca on the lighter.” Eventually a blue flame appears. “Now drink it quickly before it goes out.”

Things are more relaxed at the Tequila Sunrise table. “This is really simple to make. A small amount of tequila, sugar, orange juice and then the toughest part: hold the glass and the grenadine bottle both slightly slanted towards each other and pour the grenadine slowly into the glass. That way the bottom part is red and the colour becomes more yellow the closer it comes to the top, just like with a real sunrise.”

PR official and treasurer Yke Beerepoot is pleased with the way Rag Week went. “We did have some bad luck with certain activities, though. The speaker from Dope was sick and the ladies from sorority Allicht really did their best releasing the balloons on Saturday, but the rain just wouldn’t stop.” Rag Week collected a total of 12,000 euros. This is not the final amount, the proceeds from a few activities are not yet known.



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