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New smoking policy at FASoS

MAASTRICHT. Smoking is set to be banned at the entrance to the Turnzaal, on the terrace behind Bandito and around the entrance to the Grote Gracht 76. Smokers will have to go to the area near the fire escape stairs of Grote Gracht 76, where a new covered smoking zone is to be created. These are some facets of the new smoking policy that will come into force at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) in two months’ time. FASoS will also improve the signage and remove the glass roof at the entrance to the Turnzaal. The new policy is based on the results of a survey among 120 students and 59 employees conducted in June. “Smoking near the entrances to the buildings in particular has been a nuisance to many people for some time”, says Vincent Cordewener, the FASoS building manager. We decided to review the faculty’s smoking policy after receiving a request from an employee.” FASoS will send an email to students and personnel to inform them of the exact date on which the new policy takes effect.



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