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“I am looking forward to Vienna and Venice”

“I am looking forward to Vienna and Venice” “I am looking forward to Vienna and Venice”

Anouk Smits (20), a third-year student of Dutch Law from the Netherlands who has seen 7 per cent of the world

The most beautiful trip that she ever made is not something that Anouk Smits has to think long about. “When my mother turned fifty, I went to New York with her, that was super cool. It was really special to be there just with her. We shopped a lot, since my father did not have to trail behind us with the bags.” Shopping is certainly something you can do well in the Big Apple. “From Lower to Upper Manhattan there are only shops. We also went to Chinatown and the Meat Packing District, an emerging district with lots of nice bars.” The ladies also tried to go out on the town, but didn’t get any further than the doorman. “I am not 21 yet and then you are not allowed to drink in America. I tried saying that you can drink in the Netherlands when you are eighteen, but it didn’t help.”

This was also the longest trip that Smits made; her parents have been going to the same campsite in the South of France for the past twenty years. “My father has a stressful job, he likes to go to the same place every year, so that he can relax completely. During the Spring holidays my father always let us choose, so we have been to places like Denmark, Italy and Spain.” The advantage of going to the same place is that you get to know the people really well. “I had my own group of friends. In recent years I have only gone there for one week, bringing my own tent, while my parents stay for four weeks.”

She also loves to go on sailing holidays with student sailing and surfing association Lagakari, of which Smits is the chairperson. “We go to Friesland for a week every year, around the end of April. Hopefully it will be good weather by that time. I am a windsurfing fanatic. During that week we stay in accommodation that is close to a lake and we are on the water every day.”

The Law student is also looking forward to a tour around Europe that she is going to do with two fellow-students this summer. “We have a rail pass that allows us to travel on ten days within a period of four weeks. We are certainly going to Vienna, Prague and Budapest. We will start off in Paris and fly back from Milan. I am really looking forward to Vienna and Venice. I love old culture and can’t wait to see how these cities were built.”



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