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Students criticise Keuzegids

MAASTRICHT. The ranking of University Colleges in the latest Keuzegids is “full of factual inaccuracies,” write UC students, united in the national UCSRN (University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands), in a press release that was published on Wednesday. In addition to mistakes in student numbers (the Utrecht College does not have 473 first-year students but 233), official language (in Maastricht, Utrecht and Amsterdam this is not Dutch but English), and study success rates, UCSRN also wonders if the views of students are corrected for differences in student numbers. A positive reaction from a student in a small study programme would otherwise have much more weight than one from a student in a large programme, they write. “Obviously we take size into consideration, so the order of the ranking does not need to be adapted,” replied the surprised senior editor of the Keuzegids, Frank Steenkamp. “I went through all these points with them yesterday. And then there is still this press release today.”

As far as the admission figures for new students are concerned: these come from the national database used as is one of the sources for the Keuzegids. “In this database, University College Utrecht and their LAS programme are considered as one entity. This is because the university has still not registered them as two separate programmes.” In the Keuzegids Online these figures have been adapted after consultation with the UU.

Students also wonder why the Maastricht College has ended above Utrecht in the total score when it has the same number of ‘plusses’ or ‘better than average score’. That all has to do with the dropout rates for first-year students, says Steenkamp. The Utrecht scores for this item are simply not as good as the Maastricht ones.  




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