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Privacy and cybersecurity research centre

Privacy and cybersecurity research centre

Photographer:Fotograaf: Pixabay

MAASTRICHT. The Maastricht European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) is a new research institute at the Faculty of Law.

Its establishment is geared towards the introduction in May 2018 of a single privacy law across the entire European Union. The European General Data Protection Regulation will not only bring with it stronger rules that stipulate how data privacy and security are to be dealt with, but also necessitate the appointment of a data protection officer (DPO) in every organisation that tracks, processes or monitors data. “This will mean at least 28,000 DPOs in Europe”, says law faculty dean Hildegard Schneider.
The enormous amounts of personal data racing around cyberspace every day bring opportunities, but also vulnerability. Cyberspace attracts criminals too, says Schneider. Data security, the right to privacy, IT: all these themes will be addressed in research at the new centre, as well as in training courses provided for future professionals such as DPOs. A master’s degree is also being developed, to be launched in 2018. The first conference, revolving around digital ethics, will be held in March at the campus in Brussels.
Maastricht University recently appointed its fourth university professor, this time in the area of data science: the Canadian Michel Dumontier (1975), associate professor at Stanford University. He will head a new Maastricht institute for data science.



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