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We went to the beach

We went to the beach

Sophie in Santa Cruz

We did our homework in the sun. We despaired over the rain: “Can I go out in my flip-flops today?” We despaired over the workload. We rejoiced when we got good grades.  We slunk off and got a Gingerbread Latte in the café across from the bookstore for comfort if our grades were not so good. 

We wanted to join all the clubs on campus. We learned to surf. We couldn’t decide between tap dance and modern and salsa and hip hop. We couldn’t decide between mountain biking and Frisbee club and rock climbing. We were impressed by the outdoor pool with a view. We went to the gym just once.

We learned that Google Maps doesn’t understand the winding forest paths on campus. We got lost on campus as a result. We learned to navigate campus, even the secret shortcuts over the hill and between the trees. We discovered parts of campus we never imagined existed, like the spot overlooking the bay where all the deer graze at sunset. We got lost again, even after we thought we’d learned how to get to all our classes.  

We missed home. We confided this in our new found friends. We laughed with these friends. We developed insider jokes miles and miles away from home. We regretted saying goodbye so soon after meeting such excellent people. We promised to meet again: “Next year in Europe!”

Sophie Silverstein

This was the last instalment in this series



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