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Time for time out

Time for time out

I like Christmas and Christmas holidays, I always have. It’s a magical period which brings some relief from the greyness and cold of winter, and fresh oxygen to start with motivation the new year to come. To me it’s the right moment to slow down, relax, spend time with family, enjoy all the food I normally try to avoid during the year, and also take some time to reflect on the year about to end.

This year the task happened to be harder than usual. I struggled to keep my attention tight to a specific line of thoughts, and come up with consistent considerations. There was just too much background noise in my brain, and every time I was attempting a new start, my mind would eventually drift away. At last, this helped me to realise once more how important it is to create more frequent opportunities to make some silence in my life, to be able to stop and think about it, clean up my thoughts from the daily occupations and worries, and then find the best course of action for tackling life's challenges, both big and small.

And then I thought about all the many great men and women that to a certain extent have been my role models, and somehow I’m convinced that for many of them one reason of their success must have been their ability to make time for looking into themselves. And they must have been able to do that all the time, without postponing it to some special and rare moments, as holidays. Every night before going to bed, while sipping a coffee or a cup of tea, or having a walk in the park, or watching their children playing. I think it must have to do as well with the ability of being able to focus on the moment at hand, on what I’m doing regardless what I’m doing, without being too much distracted by what was, or what will be, and finally enjoy and make the best of every single moment.

Pietro Bonizzi, Assistant Professor at Data Science and Knowledge Engineering



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