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Songs about Maastricht at Stukafest

MAASTRICHT. There will be many musical performances again at this year’s edition of Stukafest, the student room festival that will take place on Thursday 9 February. “It is difficult to find drama, cabaret or poetry in English,” says Kirsten Kramer, one of the organisers. To serve the international student community as well as possible, the prevailing language will be English. There are only three acts in Dutch.

During Stukafest, visitors can view three different acts in three rounds, performed in student rooms spread across the centre of Maastricht. Afterwards, there will be an after-party in D’n Hiemel. “The band playing there will be The Hazzah, guaranteed to produce a lot of energy,” says Kramer. She is also looking forward to the men from ‘Bovenste knoopje open’. “They write songs about the city in which they perform. They come with their Volkswagen van or tandem and collect stories. I saw them last summer when they were in Maastricht for two weeks, and I thought they were great fun.” Démira (participant of The best singer/songwriter of the Netherlands) and Liedfs (interactive theatre, in Dutch) are highly recommended too.

One of the acts had to fight a hard battle for her place at the festival. Singer Lisette Lowe beat four other participants during the Battle for Stukafest in January and is now allowed to play her guitar songs.

Lastly, Kramer has a general tip for visitors: “Map out your route in such a way that you are not rushing from one end of the city centre to the other. In principle, every act last half an hour, which means that you have half an hour to get from A to B, but some acts overrun their time.”

Stukafest, 9 February, opening 19:00-19:30hrs in Alley Cat, rounds are at 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00hrs, tickets: €15 for three rounds + after-party, €4.50 per round, for more information: www.facebookcom/stukafestmaastricht



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