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About birds, dogs, cactuses and cows

About birds, dogs, cactuses and cows

Photographer:Fotograaf: Elena Castellano

Home Sweet Home

Name: Marion Meyers, first year Knowledge Engineering

Room size: around 16 m²

Area: city center

Monthly rent: 490 euros

“I have a special relationship with cows…” Marion Meyers, a Belgian first-year Knowledgde Engineering student, keeps the suspense for a few seconds and then starts laughing. Amongst the many pictures on her wall, she shows one of herself with a cow, and starts narrating the story than no one ever believes.

“It happened during an introspective moment in one of my weekends away with the scouts. I was alone in a field thinking about deep stuff when the cows arrived. There were twenty of them, standing in a semicircle around me and staring at me. I got on my knees and started talking to them, since I knew I invaded their territory and I wanted to be friendly. The chief-cow walked towards me, very slowly, and spit on my notebook. Then, they all walked away, in a line.” Since that day, Meyers has a special relationship with cows, she feels like she can understand them a little bit. However, if Meyers was an animal, she would be a bird, the idea of flying really fascinates her. “As a scout tradition, you get assigned an animal that is supposed to look like you. Surprisingly enough, my animal is neither a cow nor a bird, but a dog.” Her assigned word on the other hand is “circus”, she probably is the funny one of the group.

Meyers lives in a two-floor apartment located in the city center, together with her sister. They moved in together this year, “It’s nice to really feel home even in a new city”. A special feature of the apartment is the awkward poster that the previous tenants left in the bathroom. It shows different pictures taken in a bathroom, from people taking drugs to having sex. “We can’t take it off because the paint would also be ruined!”, so it stays there, maybe one day it will be covered by a cow poster.

Meyers’ room is around 16m2, figure which she accurately measured by taking big steps next to the walls. She shows a drawing of how she wants her room to look like: her dad is going to help her building shelves, which will be placed in the shape of triangles, with some cactuses on top. For the moment, the plants look pretty dead: she must be the first person ever who managed to kill a cactus!

Elena Castellano



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