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Ringing the doorbell in case of noise

Ringing the doorbell in case of noise

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Enforcers to patrol student houses

MAASTRICHT. During the next six months, the city of Maastricht will send enforcers out at night every week, to deal with noise disturbance. Student buildings will be their targets.

Two special investigators are going to patrol neighbourhoods, where there are regular complaints about noise disturbance. They will do so every Wednesday and Thursday between ten and two at night. No specific neighbourhoods have been selected, but most complaints come from the city centre, Limmel and Brusselsepoort, said a city council information official. “The enforcers will visit streets on the basis of reports received during their shift via the special number 043-14043 or the police.” The two will first talk to the person who filed the report and then address the person causing the disturbance. This can be followed by a letter of warning to the student and the landlord. In the case of repeated disturbance, one of the educational institutes (Maastricht University, Hogeschool Zuyd) or the student association will be contacted.
“In the case of extreme disturbance, however, they can call the police immediately.” The police use a system of yellow and red cards, followed by charges being made. The city council information official emphasised that handing out fines is not the objective of this pilot project. "The aim is to reduce trouble."
This action has come about because of complaints that the city council regularly receives and which “appear to be caused” by inhabitants of student buildings, mainly in the evening and night-time. 
The trial will last until 1 October (with the exception of the summer holidays). After that, there will be an evaluation to determine if patrolling has helped.



2017-04-08: Yan
Dear Sir/Madam,

I highly appreciate the efforts.

In the case of a noise generating from the same house of the complainant, will the patrol still deal with the complainant first because it can create direct confrontation at the same venue.


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