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Celebrating women at Ladyfest

Celebrating women at Ladyfest


MAASTRICHT. Ladyfest is a festival to celebrate, empower and inspire women. This worldwide concept will come to Maastricht for the first time at the Mandril Cultural Centre on 6 and 7 May.

It’s a do-it-yourself festival, meaning that instead of the organisers inviting and paying artists to come, Ladyfest is non-commercial and built from within the community. “It’s a place for self-expression, for artists to be seen and get known”, says Maddalena Argiropoulos, FHML student and one of the organisers. There will be workshops, performances, art, poetry, music and lectures. “All by non-male performers, so women, transgender people, etc.”, says co-organiser Alex Popper. “There is a feminist side to all of it, but also a great deal of variation. Feminism has many elements, and the participants have very different backgrounds. We play with that.” “In a way we reclaim the word ‘lady’. It’s not just a rich, fancy woman, but can also be a loud, all-female punk band”, says Argiropoulos.

Men are also welcome as visitors or volunteers. “And to clean up afterwards”, Argiropoulos jokes. She and Popper hope that the festival will inspire people to continue creating feminist spaces and events in the city. “This is a good chance to create a network.”

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